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Monitoring the nutrient status of each cotton field is essential to optimise yields and use fertilisers effectively.  Inappropriate use of fertilisers affects profitability through increased input costs and excessive use of N fertilisers may damage the environment through greenhouse gas emissions and contamination of groundwater.

NutriLOGIC is designed to aid cotton nutrient management.  The information presented is derived from up-to-date cotton nutrition research.

NutriLOGIC helps interpret soil and leaf analyses for all major nutrients, and indicates when fertiliser application maybe warranted for individual fields.  Petiole nitrate analyses are also interpreted.  Growers need only enter the sampling dates, and the chemical analyses from their laboratory report.
Soil samples
NutriLOGIC allows the data entry and analysis of the main nutrients (N, P, K & S) from soil tests (to 30cm) and indicates where soil sodicity and salinity may affect production.  The N fertiliser calculations have been fined-tuned to allow for cropping history, soil compaction and crop response to N inputs.
Petiole samples
NutriLOGIC also interprets petiole nitrate nitrogen analyses to indicate crop N status and suggests additional fertiliser if required.  The recommendation is generated by comparing your petiole test(s) with the optimum petiole Nitrate status according to the stage of the crop development.  Crop development is determined by the number of day degrees calculated.  The recommendation is then adjusted according to the region.   NutriLOGIC will automatically retrieve Day Degree data based on farm and crop information and sampling dates entered.
Leaf samples
NutriLOGIC can interpret both major and minor nutrient levels in leaves sampled throughout the season.  Reports from NutriLOGIC will indicate whether each major or minor nutrient is in the optimum, deficient or excess zones for the development stage of the crop.

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