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User Terms
CottASSIST Tools means the web tools made available at www.cottassist.com.au, that are designed to deliver the latest cotton research and integrate up-to-date information and to assist with cotton management decisions.   These web tools are mainly for use by growers and consultants within the Australian cotton industry.

The CottASSIST Tools are provided free of charge in consideration of you using it in accordance with these CottASSIST User Terms only.

By accessing the CottASSIST Tools, including any analysis tools as a registered user, you the user acknowledge that you have read and agree to these user terms and conditions.  This is a contract that is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New South Wales, Australia.

It records the entire agreement between CSIRO and you and supersedes all earlier agreements and representations that may have been made by CSIRO to you about the CottASSIST Tools.

If you are employed and intend using the CottASSIST Tools in connection with your employment duties then you should only do so if your employer has authorised you to do so on its behalf.  By accessing to CottASSIST Tools you are warranting to CSIRO that you are authorised to do so on behalf of your employer.

When you register with us for an online account to use the CottASSIST Tools, any personal information you have provided will be governed by the Privacy Notice on this website.

Copyright in the software programs for CottASSIST is owned by CSIRO. CSIRO developed the software that enables the CottASSIST Tools to be made available to its users over the world wide web.

CSIRO acknowledges that the Cotton Research and Development Corporation and the former Cotton Catchment Communities CRC Ltd contributed funding to support its development of the CottASSIST Tools.

Title, ownership and intellectual property rights in the CottASSIST Tools remain with CSIRO. Nothing in this contract grants to you ownership or any intellectual rights in the CottASSIST Tools.  You must not remove or alter any logo, copyright or other proprietary notices, symbols or labels in any material or results provided in connection with the use of the CottASSIST Tools.

CSIRO grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the results directly generated from your use of the CottASSIST Tools in accordance with the relevant user instructions on this website.  Such use is intended to be an input into your decision making process and you need to make your own assessment whether the information or material generated from the CottASSIST Tools is suitable for your use and circumstances.   The generated results are not intended to be comprehensive nor constitute advice.

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