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Aims of the Water Quality Calculator:
  • determine the resultant water quality from mixing different water sources
  • highlight the potential impact of water quality on yields of commercial irrigated crops
This simple web tool can be used to calculate the salinity (EC), Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR) and pH when water sources are mixed together to provide irrigation water. The calculated figures are then compared with the Australian and New Zealand Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Quality and reference information contained in the Cotton CRC WaterPak publication.

The Relationship between SAR and EC
The above shows the relationship between SAR and EC of irrigation water for prediction of soil structural stability (adapted from DNR 1997: note that 1 dS/m = 1000 µS/cm).
This tool uses reference material from the following sources and further information can also be found in these areas:
  • WATERpak provides technical information and practical advice to help irrigators improve irrigation practices, minimise environmental impacts and increase farm profits from irrigated cotton crops. To access this publication and other Cotton CRC information resources, click here.

  • Australian and New Zealand Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Quality provide an authoritative guide for setting water quality objectives required to sustain current, or likely future, environmental values [uses] for natural and semi-natural water resources in Australia and New Zealand. These guidelines can be accessed by clicking here.

  • NSW Department of Primary Industries website.

  • Queensland Department of Natural Resources website covers a range of issues that can help irrigators monitor their water quality.
    Fact sheets are available on taking water samples and interpreting analysis results.  
Note: This tool does NOT aim to predict the impact on soil characteristics from irrigation as other tools already exist for this purpose.

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